Monday, August 30, 2010

Sly Tweets For Expendables 2 Ideas

Sylvester Stallone, writer and director of the incredibly awesome box-office hit The Expendables, is on Twitter and looking for you ideas for the eventual follow up.

He said he's had dinner with Bruce Willis and was thinking about making him the villain of the next film. Apparently Willis suggested Stallone bring Stone Cold Steve Austin back to life as Willis' twin bald brother. His response: "Do I have to battle that monster again!!!!!!!?????"

Sly's also soliciting ideas as to where the film should take place, asking fellow Tweeters what the "most dangerous places in the world" are. Responses have included North Korea, South Africa and Thailand, Iran, Afghanistan and Milan.

All I know is I want the sequel to arrive sooner rather than later! If you haven't watched it, get your ass into a theatre seat now!

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