Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guest Review: Kick Ass

Regular contributor Mike S is back with a review of Kick Ass, therefore making me the last person on the planet to see this movie.

I intended to rent it tonight, actually. But my fave movie store had no copies.  Literally. None were sent to the store and I had to walk away with a lone tear falling down my face.

True story.

Anywho, S's review makes me want to see this flick even more,despite him actually using the phrase "delightful romp." Check it out.

A wonderful look at the world of superheros, this movie has humour, and action balanced in a ride that takes you from laughing to cheering.

It's a beautifully shot film, that manages to bounce from the slow, drab and plainly shot expositional parts to the over the top, well choreographed and violent action sequences.

The acting is pretty good, if not the greatest, but you don't mind as the characters are still engaging and fun to watch. The story is very much like what you'd find in a comic book, and is quite self-aware as it looks at the subject of superheros.

All in all, a delightful romp, and a very enjoyable movie.A Good review from this guest in The Basement.

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  1. But... but... but it WAS a delightful romp... a rather delightful, fun and violence filled romp. :P