Friday, June 18, 2010

Micro Review: The Book of Eli

One part religious parable, one part apocalyptic action movie, The Book of Eli has something thoughtful to say and was designed to make you think about what it is saying. Whether or not you buy into the message will determine how much you like it. Even those who don't should enjoy the action elements of the film. These sequences are extremely well crafted. In fact, the whole movie is shot with style, and the story has enough thrills and dark humor to justify a two-hour trip into the desolate landscape. The performances, led by the always capable Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman, are all first rate. A Good review from The Basement for me.

1 comment:

  1. I give this movie a big, fat, wallowing ugly. This movie could have ended in the middle, and I would have been fine. Except, the movie kept going. We find out what the book is, right in the middle (that turned me off being a rampaging atheist). The reveal at the end, where you find that Eli has a certain physical disability... Come-on man. Suspension of disbelief is one thing, that was fucking (swear jar) retarded (is retarded swear jarable?). Then the end where little miss what's her face looks all bad ass and goes into the sunset. GAHHHHHH. I want my money and my two hours back. The only thing that made me happy was the whole theater I was in threw popcorn at the end of the movie. I wasn't the only person REALLY unhappy.