Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Basement visits Small Town Monsters

We love doing interviews here in The Basement, and we've got another good one lined up for you this week. One that delves into the world of monsters and winged freaks, but not of the cinematic variety. Nope. We're exploring those that allegedly haunt our skies, forests, and small towns.

Jay sat down today with Seth Breedlove, the documentary filmmaker behind Small Town Monsters, those fine purveyors of paranormal-themed docs like Terror in the Skies (which we recently reviewed on our show), The Flatwood Monsters, and many, many more.

Seth started out as a writer and journalist before moving on to the world of the unexplained, and he and Jay discuss how this obsession started, what it's like shooting documentaries, and what Seth really thinks of these stories and folktales.

Trust us when we say this is a fun and informative chat for film, horror and paranormal geeks alike. And you'll hear it this Friday on the mighty Radio NL, and our extended cut podcast.

Stick with us!

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