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Pray the movie gods My Soul to Keep

80s horror movies were the best. Fun, creepy, just gory enough, and they often featured children or teens in the lead roles. Why children and teens? Because WE were the target demographic. We didn't want to spend two hours watching a bunch of boring grownups. We wanted to be a part of the action.

Modern horror has pretty much abandoned that concept, probably because some parent complained or something. Way to go, overly sensitive parents!

Horror filmmakers are starting to introduce youth back into the mix, likely thanks to the success of Stranger Things. And it looks like director Jason Hignite keeps the trend alive with his movie My Soul to Keep.

The plot? A young boy believes something in his basement wants to get him. One fateful night, he finds himself home alone, and he discovers if the fear is all in his head... or not.

Cue scary music, and check out this trailer:

Slick! I love the vibe, which captures the tone of such classics like The Monster Squad, The Lost Boys, and The Goonies. Looks like a great mix of fun and fear, and we're all about that in The Basement.

My Soul to Keep is an official selection at the Horror Hound Film Festival, and you can keep up with it on Facebook and Instagram.

Source: JoBlo


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