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Halloween Day By Day: Rosewood Lane (2011)

As much as I love slasher horror movies, I still find time to enjoy the more subtle suspenseful psychological horror movies.  I recently took a visit to "Rosewood Lane"...

Dr. Sonny Blake returns to her childhood home in Rosewood Lane after her alcoholic father dies.  Her arrival attracts the attention of the local newspaper deliverer, who offers her a free subscription.

Her refusal begins a dark game of cat and mouse that can only end with one of them dead...

There are some things I liked about this movie, and some I didn't.

The main storyline was a little choppy and to be honest, kinda weak.  Nothing about it really hooked me.  And the big reveal left me more "Meh," than "OMG!".

While there are some great, tense, and eerie scenes, the non-scary ones were rather tepid emotionally. I found it hard to feel invested.  This could be due to the characters in general, since we're not really given much of a reason to actually like- and care about them.  I liked Sonny- played nicely by Rose McGowan, but not enough to be emotionally gripped by what was happening around her.  The boyfriend was a bit of a jerk, and the rest weren't really developed... as if they were there just to provide grist for the mill.

There was some great camera work in this film, though- complimented with great editing to create a real creepy mood, and tense story pacing.  I really found myself enjoying that aspect of it.

Unfortunately, when all is said and done, "Rosewood Lane" wasn't all that satisfying to me.  I'm going to have to put it in "The Ugly".


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