Monday, October 29, 2018

Halloween Day By Day: Terrifier

I've always found it interesting how people are so scared of clowns, myself included. I suppose it's all context. I see a clown at a circus, no worries. But, as Alfred Hitchcock once said, "there's nothing scarier than a clown after midnight."

In the case of the slasher flick Terrifier, there's nothing scarier than a clown after midnight . . . on Halloween!

Yup, that's the plot of Damien Leone's 80s throwback movie. Literally, there is no more to the movie than that. But that's also why it works: this is a simple horror film that aspires to give us no more than hot chicks on the run for a murderous clown on Halloween night.

And gore . . . Leone also gives us lots and lots of gore. Oh, and a Psycho-like twist. Spoiler alert.
Whether or not you like the movie depends on your tastes. I enjoy this kind of thing, and found David Howard Thornton's performance as Art the Clown to be quite ominous. He says nothing, and conveys a real physical menace. Seeing him out after midnight would suck balls!

The kills are well staged and bloody, with 80 percent of the movie being one big, and largely dialogue free, stalk and kill sequence. And yeah, it worked!

Can't say too much about the acting on the part of the victims, as they didn't have to do much other than run, scream and die, and they did all that well. However, Jenna Kanell is one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the silver screen. Said it, mean it.

If movies like Terrifier are your thing, this is a fine way to spend a Friday or Saturday night. If not, avoid it. But I'm giving it a Good.

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