Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween Day By Day: Halloween (1978)

As I sat down to write this, I wondered what the point of yet another review/write up of John Carpenter's seminal movie would be. Writers far more talented, an learned, than I have already said their piece. Film historians and cinephiles have contributed their two bits to this classic film.

Do I have anything new to add? Is there more that can said about a movie that made its mark on horror movies -- and cinema in general -- 40 years ago?
No, but the fact journalists, film critics, and movie bloggers keep writing, reviewing and talking about Halloween speaks to the film's power, and the talent that is its creator, John Carpenter. 

The film has been rebooted three times now, to various degrees of effectiveness. But no matter how good or bad the retellings are, nor the qualities of the countless sequels and imitators, John Carpenter's Halloween has never lost its power to scare, and enthral, the viewer. 

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride had it right in their approach to their new film: Michael Myers and his killing spree have become the stuff of urban legend. Sure, the story began as a film, but it continues on much like the tale of The Hook or The Babysitter, and will continue to be told, I am sure, by filmmakers for generations to come.

Why? Because it's a simple, yet effectively told story, and a scary one. One we can all in some way relate to. And it never loses its power because of this. There's a reason people watch it every Halloween, and will continue to do so, I am sure, until there's no people left to watch it.

Some wish the sequels and reboots would stop. To them I say go back and rewatch the original, and it becomes clear that this story, much like it's masked killer, will never die.

Happy Halloween.

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