Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Basement and Radio NL

Never say never again. This is something Shawn and I learned during our long and storied history with this show and site.

Ditto the maxim "just when you think you're out, they drag you back in." Such is the case with We Came from the Basement's latest incarnation.

Shawn and I were approached by the news director and programming director for local news/talk/sports station Radio NL this week with an offer we couldn't refuse. Within 24 hours we had a show and a time slot.

Starting Friday, June 8, We Came from the Basement will broadcast during the 8 a.m. hour as part of Radio NL's morning show. We'll be riffing on what movies hit theatres, what to watch on Netflix and Video On Demand, and the big entertainment news of the week, all in one neat, eight to 10 minute package.

Episodes will broadcast every Friday at 610 on the AM dial, and drop here on the site later in the day.

We're pumped at this opportunity. Radio NL is an institution in our region, and Shawn and I are psyched to be a part of it. Big thanks to Shane Woodford and Howie Reimer for taking a chance on The Basement Boys.

And to our established fanbase, don't worry: Jason and Shawn are still Jason and Shawn. Stick with us!

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