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Mike S's Top Five War Movies That Deserve a Remake

With the recent release of "Dunkirk", we've seen that war movies still have a place in cinema and that people WILL watch them.

With that in mind, here are my top five war movies that I'd like to see a remake of:

1.  "Battle of the Bulge" (1965)- This fictionalized portrayal of the WW II Battle of the Bulge (16 Dec 1944 - 25 Jan 1945) came under fire when it was released due to it's rather inaccurate portrayal of the events, people, and even the terrain involved.  I feel that this historic battle can be done justice by a more modern film maker.

2.  "All Quiet on the Western Front" (1979)-  This movie was a great adaptation of the novel, but I feel that with the advances in cinematic technology, this story of a group of WWI German soldiers could be told in a much more dynamic and visually stunning way.

3.  "A Bridge Too Far" (1974)-  This movie about Operation Market Garden- a huge push of troops through the Netherlands towards Germany in Sept 1944.  The original still holds up in terms of story and characters, but is- like the others on this list, a little flat when viewed against the background of modern visual storytelling.

4.  "The Bridge on the River Kwai" (1957)-  This war movie starring the great Sir Alec Guinness has drawn some strong praise for the story and characters, while prompting heavy criticism for the portrayal of POW's in the Pacific Theatre of Operations, and Japanese military engineers.  A modern remake would be able to correct these flaws (since the portrayals were highly inaccurate), while still keeping the strong core of the original intact.

5.  "Sink the Bismarck" (1960)-  For nine days, the British fleet hunted the German warship Bismarck in the North Atlantic Ocean- one of the largest and most determined manhunts in naval history.  I love this film because it focuses on BOTH the British and German seamen, and the decision makers at the British Admiralty.  But, like the others, it can could use a bit more visual variety and flair.

BONUS- Just because, I'm also including the video for the Johnny Horton song, "Sink the Bismarck!"


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