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The Drunken Review: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Jay here. It's Friday night. I've had a glass of red wine, three Rum and Cokes and a bunch of beer . . . and I just watched King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. How does all this come together? Stick with me!

First off, I'm convinced lamestream film critics and the general movie audiences are a bunch of idiots.  How did Guy Ritchie's take on the King Arthur legend only gross $140 million worldwide and run a deficit. That's just stupid to me!

This movie is the ultimate Friday night fare! Cool twist on an old story? Check! Imaginative cinematography? Check! Fucking awesome monsters and special effects? Check! Sense of humour? Check!

I could go on and on, but I'm starting to get sleepy.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is the perfect movie to end the work week on. It's fun and exciting, with a groovy sense of humour and sense of fun and adventure. And it brings magic and mysticism to the forefront of this classic story, plus a few new twists. Granted these twists are starting to fade from my booze-addled mind, but hey, what do you expect from The Drunken Review?

I liked this movie. A lot, I had a good time with it and it was far more exciting than I expected. And I even enjoyed the video-game inspired showdown at the end. Annabelle Wallis - you're hot! Jude Law? You make a great villain. Charlie Hunnam? You were robbed, my friend. This should have been a franchise.

Also, Astrid Berges-Frisbey you are the hottest weird/creepy chick on the planet!

I dug King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. It was a great way to end my week. I'm gonna watch this movie again and again. Time for another beer!


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