Thursday, August 17, 2017

It's an alien showdown!

A new episode was recorded in The Basement this eve, one that pits opinions against two big alien-themed releases from earlier this year.

In one corner, the Ryan Reynolds/Jake Gyllenhaal/Rebecca Ferguson flick Life. In the other, the Alien/Prometheus prequel/sequel Alien: Covenant.

To review Alien: Covenant, The Basement brings in long-time fan and friend Nathan Bosa (big brother to sometimes co-host Anthony Michael Bosa) to join Jason in a review. Both Jason and Nathan are hardcore fans of the Alien franchise, and have a lot invested in this movie going in. Does it live up to expectations?

Then Jason, Shawn and Amy tackle Life, and debate the scientific merits of this surprise monster movie. Are the Terrible Trio on board with what Life predicts an alien encounter will be like? Stick with us!

You'll get to hear this latest From The Basement on Sunday.

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