Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Baby Driver debate and RIP George A. Romero

Jason and Shawn are back! What!?! Already!?!

Well, we lie a little. Shawn's not back. He's taking a time out. But Jason is, and he's joined by The After Movie Diner host Jon Cross for a very special episode of We Came from the Basement. How special, you may ask?

Not really.

But Jason and Jon (kinda sounds like Shawn) do discuss the sleeper hit Baby Driver, which Jason thoroughly enjoyed and Jon did not. Not at all, actually. And he goes to great lengths to explain why. Jason does not, but then again, when does he. Not a question. A statement.

The Dynamic Duo of Podcasting also take a few minutes to lament the passing of the great George A. Romero, and discuss his legacy and that of his greatest work, Night of the Living Dead.

Where can you hear all this goodness? Just push play on the player below, and stick with us!

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