Monday, July 10, 2017

Surprise Guest Review: Logan (2017)

Mike S sneaking into the Basement today to bring you a surprise guest review!  That's right!  Me.  Reviewing a movie!

Surprise, mother fuckers!

So- "Logan" has been a bit of a big deal this year in terms of comic book nerds and movie geeks.

But did it deserve all the hype surrounding it?

In a word: "Yes".

No if's, and's or but's- this movie bloody well rocked the kasbah and tore it down.

Time has not been good to Wolverine.  His mentor is ailing, his health is failing, and mutants are all but extinct.  While merely trying to get by, his life is complicated further by the arrival of a young female mutant... and a group determined to capture her.  Wolverine has to saddle up for the most personal of adventures he's ever had to take.

This movie is not a huge special effects spectacle- which is the main thing I loved about it.  It's a very dramatic, personal, character-driven story.  True, there are phenomenal action sequences, but they're not the focus of the movie.  The eye of the viewer is entirely on the characters as people.

The story is well written, and nicely paced.  It balances drama, action, humour in a smooth rhythm that carries you along until you're surprised how much time has passed watching.  The characters are explored, and given depth and made human.  Even if you haven't seen the other X-Men movies in the franchise, you'd still come to connect and care about the people before you.

I love the fact that the majority of the special effects are done practically, rather than with CGI.  It helps to make things so much more visceral and real.  When CGI is used, it's fairly subtle, and not in your face about it.

I have nothing but positive things to say about "Logan".  It is the most powerful, dramatic, and engaging super hero movies I have ever watched.  I highly recommend it to you, and proudly place it in "The Good".

In fact, I'm going to go pop some more pop corn, and watch the black and white "Logan Noir" version...

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