Monday, October 3, 2016

Review: Kill Command

It's been a while since I watched myself a decent B-movie. A good, long while. But, when the robots vs. marines flick Kill Command -- which we previously wrote about here -- crossed my VOD screen, I jumped at the opportunity.

I mean, come on: robots vs. marines? What's not to like!?!

Fortunately, there's a lot to like in Steven Gomez's ode to the works of James Cameron. Even if it's not an ode, it's hard not to watch a movie like this and not think of Cameron's work. I'm pretty sure Gomez knew this when he penned and directed this flick, as there's nothing new going on here, which isn't a bad thing with a movie like this. I went into Kill Command wanting to see cool robots shoot the hell out of army folk, and that's what I got.

Gomez does it with style too, as the final product transcends its low budget and looks almost as slick as a big, Hollywood production. Sure, some the the CGI isn't quite up to snuff, but enough of it works -- and the machines truly bad ass -- that I didn't care too much.

If I had a complaint, it's that Gomez fails to generate any real excitement. Not to say Kill Command is boring, but the action scenes could've been amped up, and the opportunities for suspense milked more. Sure, the finale is awesome, but I'd of liked more intensity throughout. But hey, that's how I roll.

Is Kill Command worth the watch? Yeah, for shizzle. I'd probably even watch it again, as it's solid Friday or Saturday night viewing.

PS: the computer eyes Vanessa Kirby sports are the coolest thing this side Riddick's surgical shine job.

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