Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Scope out the opening scene from Halloween horror flick The Harvesters

If you want to get a low-budget movie off the ground, Kickstarter and other crowdsourcing efforts seem to be the way to do it these days, especially if the budget is modest enough.

Writer/director Nick Sanford's The Harvesters raised all of it's $30,000 budget by offering unique prizes to contributors, such as joining the cast and crew for a ghost tour. That's pretty cool!

The movie started shooting on Monday, and cameras continue to roll in Oklahoma until the end of the month. Sure, it's still early days, but Sanford and company have posted The Harvester's opening scene for all to enjoy, and we're sharing that mofo with you now. Just follow the link below!

The Harvesters - Opening SceneMaybe they should just go home...
Posted by The Harvesters on Monday, January 11, 2016

What is The Harvesters about? On Halloween, in Baileyville, Oklahoma, a journalist who prides herself on objective reporting discovers she's in the middle of a series of horrifying murders and disappearances. When the terror intensifies and a countdown begins, the people closest to Jane are put in danger and her journalistic stance on "not becoming the story" is put to the ultimate test.

This looks and sounds like one to watch. You can keep tabs on The Harvesters via it's official website, and right here in The Basement, of course.

Source: The Harvesters

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