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Jason versus The Sword and the Sorcerer

There was a time when sword and sorcery movies were king. An era when Conan The Barbarian was a huge hit, and everyone and their dog was trying to cash in on the fantasy/adventure craze. There were movies like The Beastmaster, Yor: The Hunter from the Future and, of course, The Sword and the Sorcerer.

Yes, the movie starring the guy who played Matt Houston.

All kidding aside, this movie was legendary when I was a kid. I mean, the hero had a three-bladed sword. Three blades! On the sword! How cool is that!?! And there was a hot chick with big boobs. I mean, come on -- this is the stuff all us 10-year-old boys would kill to see!

Truth is, the 10-year-old boy inside me loved the hell out of The Sword and the Sorcerer (yeah, I never did get to see it as a child). The 43-year-old man? Well, this is an old and kinda cheesy flick that still has a hero with a three-bladed sword -- which is totally bad ass, by the way -- and a hot chick with big boobs -- which is totally bad ass, by the way.

Enjoying The Sword and the Sorcerer some 30 years after its release is best kept as a guilty pleasure. Everyone seemed to be having a good time making it. And it is, for all intents and purposes, a fun movie. But it's an old one, and shows its age.

Kathleen Beller? you're a true beauty. Lee Horsley? You made a good fantasy hero. Richard Moll? Doesn't matter how scary you are in this, you will always be Bull from Night Court to me. But still, y'all made a fun movie, and one I'm glad I finally got to see.

And I want that damned three-bladed sword already!


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