Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Dark Tower confirmed

I've avoided posting news about the planned big-screen adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series until now because everything was rumour and conjecture. And the last time I wrote anything about it, which was years ago, the whole project fell through. Once bitten, twice shy.

But today the project has been 100-per-cent greenlit, with cameras set to role in seven weeks, so I think it's safe to say it's a go.

Idris Elba will play the gunslinger, Roland, and Matthew McConaughey is the villainous Man in Black. I always envisioned Clint Eastwood as Roland, but that's an inevitable comparison to make. Elba has owned everything he's done, so I'm sure he'll be good.

As for McConaughey, yes.

If I have any concerns, it's in how director/co-writer Nikolaj Arcel will adapt the eight novels. Entertainment Weekly reports just one flick is planned for now, with the movie starting in the middle of the story and most of the action set in our present day. The plot will pull inspiration from the other books.

The project was planned as a trilogy of films with a couple of seasons of a TV series in between films to tell the entire tale. Obviously, that's a pretty ambitious project to commit to when the first film could bomb.

I love The Dark Tower series, asstacular ending aside, but I'm not jazzed for the movie. There's too much that can go wrong here. I'll wait to see footage and stills before deciding if I'll plunk down my $10.

The Dark Tower is expected in theatres Jan. 13, 2017

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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