Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Skew director returns with stripper/horror flick Peelers

I've said it once, I will say it a thousand times: the best part of this gig is the people we've met and befriended. And these people are even cooler when they make a movie about strippers.

Writer/director Seve Schelenz is THAT man. We met him back in 2011 when he submitted his first feature, Skew, to The Basement for review. And we partied with him and John Fallon at Dark Fest 2012. Now he's back with his sophomore flick Peelers, and it's a horror movie about strippers.

That's right, Shawn: this one has BOOBS!

Peelers has its world premiere at the Palm Beach International Film Festival in Florida -- that runs April 6 to 14, for the record -- and we've scored a trailer and promo poster by way of Seve. Wanna see the trailer? Course you do!

Nice! Seve promises a night at the movies with exciting plot twists, baseball, strippers with unusual talents and a strong female lead in Wren Walker (pictured above. No, at the top of the page!). We can't ask for more than that now, can we. Not a question, a statement.

We'll be reviewing Peelers in the near future, and hope to have Seve on the show to talk about his movie in more detail. In the meantime, scope out this cool poster.
Source: Peelers

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