Saturday, March 12, 2016

Silence is killer in Hush

As far as I'm concerned, director Mike Flanagan is a name to watch when it comes to genre pictures. Sure, Oculus wasn't as good as his low-budget effort Absentia, but the man's chops were still on full display. He knows suspense, and has a talent for milking every ounce of dread he can.

While we (still) await the release of Before I Wake, which seems to have been scheduled to come out forever, Flanagan has ANOTHER movie headed our way called Hush, and it will be delivered to us exclusively by Netflix.


Hush stars co-writer Katie Siegal as a Maddie Young, who lost her hearing as a teenager. Living her life in isolation, she must push herself to her physical and mental limits when a psychotic killer comes calling.

The trailer below does a great job setting up the situation and scares. This is as high concept as a horror movie can get. But I'm gonna shut up now and let the footage speak for itself.

Yeah, I'm all over this. And, given Hush hits Netflix April 8 -- following its debut at SXSW -- I'm pretty sure it will be a future topic of conversation on the radio show.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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