Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kevin Watt versus 10 Cloverfield Lane

First time director Dan Trachtenberg, John Goodman (Roseanne), John Gallagher Jr (The Newsroom) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim) join forces to bring us a movie that is not at all a sequel to Cloverfield.

I will start by strongly suggesting you do not read reviews for this movie. Any spoilers could ruin the journey this movie takes you through, and the trailer did an amazing job of pulling you in without really telling you anything other than the basic plotline: after getting in a car accident, a woman is held in a shelter by two men who claim the outside world is affected by a widespread chemical attack.

10 Cloverfield Lane is a tense psychological thriller that will keep you on your toes from beginning to end and will have your mind racing ahead trying to figure out where things are going. The atmosphere, the performances and even the music is all perfectly played and lend to one of the best thrillers I have seen in years.

Any further description would serve only to spoil the magic of this movie. I highly recommend anyone who loves a taut thriller to run to the theatre before the spoilers start to leak and the illusion is shattered. 

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