Friday, March 18, 2016

Jason and Shawn versus Indigenous

The chupacabra is not Mexican food. It's actually a legendary monster rumoured to terrorize the people of Mexico and South and Central America. It sucks your blood too, so I wouldn't call it Mexican food to its face.

It also happens to be the big bad guy in Alastair Orr's new creature feature Indigenous, which Shawn and I checked out the other night before hitting the 92.5 FM airwaves on CFBX Kamloops. And our thoughts are below.

Shawn: Gem's in the rough. That's why we do what we do. Indigenous is just that. A horror movie that sacrifices bewbs for acting. Fine. A monster reveal that, for me, was worth the wait. Without spoiling, the reveal lasted until the end, which was what tied this movie toghether, for me. I thought I called the end of this movie, from about the mid point, but I was sooooo wrong and thankful for that! Really have to shout out for this movie. I really dug it and highly recommend it, for Basement fans!

Jason: I love monster movies, and like to catch a new one as soon as it drops. Given the chupacabra angle, a beast woefully underused by movie makers, I was pumped for Indigenous. It didn't quite live up to expectations for me, as the flick is filled with only marginally likeable characters -- albeit three of the hottest leading ladies ever to share the same screen -- and too much shaky camera work to generate any suspense. But the monster is cool, the ladies hot, and I dug how social media played into the story. For that, I'd recommend Indigenous as it actually did something unique. For monster-movie fans, it's nothing special.

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