Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Get ready for A Haunting in Cawdor

Horror and William Shakespeare? Why not! The Bard's tales often featured ghosts and murder, which are staples in any good horror story. And it looks like writer/director Phil Wurtzel's A Haunting in Cawdor intends to make the possibility a reality.

Opening in 10 markets across the United States on March 11, A Haunting in Cawdor is described as "a frightening twist on Shakespeare' Macbeth." Sounds pretty good to me!

We'll let the movie's trailer tell you more:

Yes, that's Saw's Cary Elwes as the theatre owner guy. Shelby Young plays the lead.

A Haunting in Cawdor screens in Los Angeles and New York for sure. We're not sure what other markets the flick will play in, so check local listings for showtimes. But don't fret, Basementites, the movie also launches on VOD the same day it hits the big screen.
Source: Uncork'd Entertainment

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