Thursday, February 18, 2016

Napoleon Dynamite meets Taxi Driver in Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla

You read that right: Napoleon Dynamite meets Taxi Driver, and the bastard love child is a movie called Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla.

Which means I just gotta see!

That is indeed how Scream Magazine summed up Stuart Simpson's cult flick about a lonely and abused ice cream truck driver who's life causes him to snap, with terrifying consequences for all.

The flick has been playing to acclaim in it's native Australia, and is destined to hit American audiences on DVD and VOD in May. In advance of that, the fine folks at WildEye Releasing have sent us this fine trailer for your eye holes:

Not bad, not bad. This has Basement review written all over it! Which means we'll keep you updated on Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla's domestic release as we learn more.
Source: WildEye Releasing

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