Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kevin Watt versus Zoolander 2

Zoolander was not a great movie but it had heart. The flick was not well received by critics and, although is has a loyal fan base, it failed to produce at the box office. So in spite of it’s mediocrity Ben Stiller felt we needed a sequel.

In Zoolander2 we find “Eric Toolander” living in isolation years after his life crumbled around his Testoni wingtips. Meanwhile, back in Hollywood, celebrities are being assassinated and Derek Zoolander is tapped to infiltrate the fashion world (again) and save the day. Derek is joined by Hansel (again) on a fashion campaign featuring a dilapidated clothing line (again) designed by an evil genius (again). Sherpa orgy? Yep. Technology jokes? Yep. Mispronounced words? Yep. Don’t worry, not everything repeats itself – they did not bring back the humour, charm or originality of the first.

This is not a movie so much as a vehicle for cameos. The opening frame, closing frame, and almost every frame in between features a flash of some celebrity. Some more famous than others but it is an impressive line-up. Sadly, the 30+ cameos only serve one purpose – for you to say “hey, isn’t that….(insert name)”. Perhaps they could have helped move the plot along if Ben Stiller bothered with a plot this time around.

I’ll save the most annoying critique for last – Will Ferrell forgot how to play Mugatu. Wrong voice, wrong mannerism, nothing of the original. It is obvious and therefore distracting.

I liked the original; enough that I bought it on VHS back in the day. I wanted to like the sequel but there is nothing here to like. But if you absolutely, positively must see it, I am sure this bomb will be found on PPV sooner than later.

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