Friday, February 5, 2016

Jason versus Maggie

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a zombie movie sounds like a great idea. Because, if you know the Schwarzenegger of his heyday, then you're in for a zombie-ass kicking good time. Right! I said right?

You mean this is a drama about a father coming to terms with the fact his daughter has been bitten by a zombie, and will do everything to protect her until the turn finally happens, when he is asked to do what any father would deem unthinkable? Really? I said really?

Stick with me.

Truth be told, Maggie is a solid movie. Slow? Yes. Really slow. In fact, not a lot happens. Well acted? Yes! Joely Richardson and Abigail Breslin, who plays Schwarzenegger's daughter, bring it. And bring it in spades. So do the supporting cast.

But Schwarzenegger is really damn good here. Granted, he's surrounded by a lot of talent who elevate his work, but the man shows some chops. You feel what he feels, and it isn't always good. And he's clearly playing a macho type who is past his prime, and been left vulnerable by some truly terrible turns in life. Kudos to him for his work here, and for taking a chance on something different.

I couldn't watch Maggie over and over again. It's just not that kind of movie. But if you want to view a different kind of zombie movie, and see a different kind of Schwarzenegger flick, then definitely give it go.

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