Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Australia's first one-shot feature needs YOU!

It's not often a movie comes along that presents itself in one-shot, as in the whole movie is essentially one long camera take. The last one was Birdman. Alfred Hitchcock did it back in 1948 with Rope. There was Timecode in 2000 and Silent House in 2011. So there's been a few.

Now Australian filmmakers Tristan Barr, Damien Lipp and Michael Godsen are deep into post production on their crime flick, Watch the Sunset, which unravels in one long take. And yup, this will be the first such movie in Aussie film history.

Barr, Lipp and Godsen have launchd a crowdfunding campaign to complete their project. And they've succeeded in acquiring MATCH funding, where every dollar donated will be matched thanks to Creative Partnership Australia.

Watch the Sunset is about outlaw biker gang member Danny Biaro, who wants to change his ways and start a new life with is estranged family. But his past quickly catches up with him, and he is forced to make a decision that changes his life forever. Now he must race against the clock to protect his family.

Want to contribute to Watch the Sunset? Then head on over to its crowdfunding page and help get this cool sounding project onto the world stage.

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