Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kevin Watt versus Horace & Pete

Louis CK recently announced an extended hiatus from his popular show Louie. Then, out of the blue, he posts a link on his website ( for a download titled Horace & Pete for $5.00 with his unglowing recommendation "Go here to watch it. We hope you like it." No word about the show, just a shot in the dark. I decided to watch and see what the mystery is all about.
Horace & Pete is the name of a bar that has survived over 100 years run by Horace (Louis CK) and a Pete (Steve Buscemi). The plot centres around the everyday and the mundane of bar life and friendship delivered thorough an amazing all-star cast including Steve Wright, Jessica Lange, Alan Alda, Edie Falco, and who knows who else is to come.

Before you think about dropping your dollars, you should know that this is not a TV show, it is a play. I don’t mean this figuratively, I mean this literally; complete with intermission. They deal with one set of characters at a time and it is clear this is a one take production, not multi-takes with editing. Even the sound suggests this was filmed on a stage not a set.
This is not a comedy but there are a few choice moments of levity. The plot, as it were, takes place in the present complete with insults tossed at Donald Trump’s presidential run. It is written and directed by CK but is yet to show up on IMDB’s radar. No one seems to even know if it is one episode, or one of many.
It was an interesting watch as the talent carries the slow-pace narrative. Alan Alda outshines the group but there are no weak links in this chain.

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