Thursday, January 28, 2016

Deadpool PSA encourages men to touch their balls

Yup, you read that right. The Merc with a Mouth, AKA Deadpool, wants men to touch their balls. I mean, really get in there. But it's all for a good cause.

Because the manner of ball touching Deadpool talks about in the very clever PSA below is in the name of preventing testicular cancer.

That's right, the main character of an R-rated Marvel action movie seriously wants us bros to make sure we don't fall victim to the Big C. Don't believe me? Give it a watch:

I admit, that's pretty damn clever. And Ryan Reynolds does a great job with the delivery. Kudos to Marvel and 20th Century Fox for tackling a serious subject matter this way. Some might be offended that a movie's marketing would touch, if you'll excuse the pun, on a subject like this. But anything that raises cancer awareness is A-OK in my book.

Deadpool hits theatres Feb. 12.

Source: Ryan Reynolds on Twitter

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