Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mike S and Star Trek Beyond

Recently, Jay spoke to all of you about the recent "Star Trek Beyond" trailer.  He shared his thoughts as a "casual fan", which inspired me to share my thoughts as a more "hardcore fan".

Because I am one.  I've got pretty much all the novels, all the movies, I've almost have all the episodes (including the animated series), prop replicas, Enterprise models, figures, bobble heads, a Spock cookie jar (I'm actually hoping to get a set of Star Trek cookie cutters for Christmas).

So, as a "hardcore fan" of "Star Trek", what are my thoughts on the trailer?

It looks like it'll be a fast paced, action packed, fun ride.

Already, I'm hearing from people that it's not "true" Trek.  That's it's not "classic" Trek.

No, it's not.  Duh.

It's a sleeker, sexier, more modern Trek that is a reflection of what Society looks for from it's entertainment: an escape from the mundane.  This Trek is definitely not mundane.  Is it as cerebral as Trek-Prime?  No, but roller coaster rides are seldom meant to inspire deep, philosophical thoughts.  And this Alt-Trek installment promises to be a roller coaster... and just as deserving of enjoyment as the Original Series is.

Why?  Because it still has the charm, wit, and chemistry between the characters that was a big part of Trek-Prime.

Besides, I've always wanted to see how Kirk would react to a swarm of space bats..

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