Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lights Out will light up theatre screens in July

Everyone out there who has seen David Sandberg's creepy as fuck horror short Lights Out put up your hands. All of you? Good! But not YOU, George? Shame on you!

Sandberg's flick is the creepiest three minutes I think have ever been put on film. And it only makes sense that, given the short's viral success, it would be turned into a feature film.

Sure enough, horror master James Wan has jumped on the opportunity, and Lights Out has received the feature-length treatment with stars Gabriel Bateman and Teresa Palmer.

Mmmmm. Teresa Palmer.
I digress into hormonal teenage hood.

Lights Out is currently in post production, and New Line Cinema has awarded the flick a July 22, 2016 release date. What's the big-screen version about? A young boy and his estranged sister must confront an evil being that only appears when the lights are out.

Sounds promising! With Wan involved as producer, I have high hopes, especially given that Sandberg is writer and director.

Source: Deadline

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