Sunday, November 22, 2015

Preternatural and Area 51

Those movie loving bastards and bastardette return with a new episode designed to pleasure your ear holes. This time the Basement crew are back in the movie reviewing . . . ish . . . business as filmmakers Gav Chuckie Steel and Dixon Barker submit for their approval the new flick Preternatural.

What's it about? A Blair Witch style riff featuring a couple of movie makers who run afoul -- maybe -- of  fairies while filming in the English countryside. But things aren't quite as they seem. Or are they? Stick with us!

Then Jason, Shawn and Amy tackle another found-footage movie. One from the creator of Paranormal Activity that was supposed to be discussed weeks ago. Yup, Area 51. Is the flick Good, Bad or Ugly? Wait, those bastards don't rate movies anymore. Well, listen and find out what they think anyway.

There's a lot of other topics up for discussion by this Terrible Trio, and you can hear it all by pushing play on the player below. So snap to it!

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