Thursday, April 9, 2015

Doctor Who, House of Good and Evil alum find Waldo

Actually, it's alumni from Doctor Who, House of Good and Evil, and Hillbilly Horror Show who will bring the the upcoming flick Finding Waldo to the big screen.

That's right, a bunch of very talented people with a background in sci-fi and horror are tackling a movie that sounds like it's made for kids. Wanna fight about it? Actually, it's a crazy road trip comedy.

First off, we in The Basement are pumped that our friend Blu de Goyler has written and executive produces the movie. Blu wrote House of Good and Evil and is the mastermind behind the horror/comedy anthology Hillbilly Horror Show.

British actor Matthew Jacobs, who wrote the 1996 Doctor Who telefilm starring Paul McGann, will play Waldo. Bo Keister and Rachel Faulkner, who star in Hillbilly Horror Show, are among the cast.

And yes, Rachel is a past Basement guest.

The film is scheduled to shoot in October under the direction of David Mun, but Blu and company hope fans can help fund part of the budget by contributing to the IndieGoGo campaign, which you can do right here.

Blu and company do great work, so we in The Basement encourage you to put your support behind this project!

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