Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Houses October Built and Sadie Katz

Don't let the headline fool you -- this episode actually provides two movie reviews for the price of one PLUS an interview with the beautiful and feisty star of Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort. Does it get better than that? Maybe, but not right now.

Yes, The Basement Boys do review the found-footage thriller The Houses October Built, which takes a group of friends on a dark journey through the world of Halloween haunts. Jason has signed on to tackle this flick.

What about Shawn, you ask? The Bad Man opted to battle Chris Pine in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Why? Because he can, and no one is dumb enough to tell him he can't. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Then, Jason sits down with actress Sadie Katz (pictured above) for a firecracker of an interview about the latest chapter in the Wrong Turn saga and the lady's other projects. Sadie is as real as she is funny, and the conversation is a fun one from start to finish.

You all know the drill, push play on the player to the right and enjoy!

Tonight's feature presentations

The Houses October Built

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

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