Friday, October 31, 2014

Suzanne Cappelletti Takes On Dead Snow 2: Red VS Dead

 Dead Snow Red VS Dead
2014 Dir Tommy Wirkola

I don't know about you guys, but I could not wait to see this. I am a big fan of the first movie and they left me hanging at the end. This was well worth the wait. This one got some Hollywood backing and more money means more zombie madness.

This picks up exactly where we left off, Martin barely alive. Its hard not to give any spoilers, but here's the standard *POSSIBLE SPOILERS* There, now my ass is covered. Our hero is arrested for the murders, and ends up with Herzog's arm attached to his body. Someone figures out the arm is a zombie arm and alerts the American Zombie Squad. It turns out that the Herzog and crew have to complete their mission and only Martin and his new found powers can stop him, with the help of the Zombie Squad of course.

There were portions of the first movie that were more serious, there was a lot of camp too. This one is balls out, over the top flipping insane. The gore is crazy and comes in bulk, the actors all play it off brilliantly and with tongue placed very firmly in cheek. These are not your Romero zombies, these are a different animal altogether. Its just good, gory hysterical fun.

I give this a rating of oh hell yes good. It will be added to my collection very soon. If you like your zombies gory with a twisted sense of humor, this is your flick! Enjoy

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