Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Six seasons and a movie?

September has rolled around, in some parts of the world school is back in session, and that can only mean one thing -- another season From The Basement!

On Sept. 19, Jason and Shawn embark on their sixth season of movie reviews, news and interviews that will pleasure your ear holes. Six seasons is a lot, especially in Internet years.

And the season is already shaping up to be a gooder, with a review of Mine Games and an interview with director Richard Gray scheduled to kick things off. The weeks that follow feature interviews with Maxim model and Hillbilly Horror Show star Rachel Faulkner and Wrong Turn 6 starlet Sadie Katz. The Basement's favourite scream queen, Brooke Lewis, returns for the annual Halloween Spooktacular.

The show isn't going to stick to any hard and fast format this season. Movies will always be the topic of conversation, but there's no guarantee of a review or interview every week.

As for this site? Expect a mix of movie news and editorials, plus whatever else The Basement Boys cook up. Matt Bellamy has pledged to return with The Month of Horror through October and Mike S should provide more reviews From the Corner. Suzanne Cappelletti has promised to return when she can. Fans can expect several updates a week. Daily? Not so much.

So sit back, relax and let us entertain you with another season . . . From The Basement,

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