Friday, September 19, 2014

Kicking back Basement style

As regular readers of this site and followers of the podcast know, Season Six was supposed to kick off today. It did not. All we'll say is it's a result of a shitty situation that was beyond Shawn and I's control. We're resilient here in The Basement, and the show will go on.

However, it won't go on as Basementites have come to expect. Stick with me here.

In a nutshell, neither the show nor the site will continue with any set schedule. Chalk it up to an increasingly busy schedule outside The Basement, and fatigue from living in this online world for so many years.

But Shawn and I do enjoy what we do here, and respect each and every one of you who tune in or stop by this site on a regular or casual basis. So, as said earlier, the show goes on. But we're not promising a podcast every two weeks or a post a day. New shit will come as new shit comes. That's all we can pledge to you.

Matt Bellamy will still bring you The Month of Horror and Mike S has promised a review From The Corner a week, so count on that. Other contributors will bring it when they can.

This move might disappoint some, but we can only do what we can do. The other alternative is to walk away, and neither Shawn nor I want to do that. We do love what we do, but the pace we held for so many years cannot continue. This should be fun, not work.

Look for our season premiere with reviews of Almost Human and American Muscle, plus an interview with Maxim model and Hillbilly Horror Show star Rachel Faulkner, to land some time next week. Episodes featuring interviews with actress Sadie Katz and director Richard Gray will follow.

Stick with us!

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