Monday, September 8, 2014

Bring Hillbilly Horror Show home

We're all about Hillbilly Horror Show here in The Basement, having pimped the online series for the better part of a year and reviewed two of the three episodes produced so far.

If you haven't stopped by the show's official website and given it a watch, shame on you. But you can make amends by purchasing a copy of the first season on DVD.

That's right, Hillbilly Horror Show is coming home Oct. 21. You can pre-order the disc right now by heading over to Amazon. It's a hell of a deal too. Three episodes for $7.57. What are you waiting for? Come on, do it!

Hillbilly Horror Show follows the misadventures of Bo (Bo Keister), Cephus (Scott Geiter) and kissing cousin Lulu (Rachel Faulkner) as they watch independent horror short films. The trio provide the comedy and the films bring the terror. It's a can't miss combination, and a lot of fun.

We highly recommend this disc to Basementites. And you can hear Jason's one on one with Rachel Faulkner when The Basement returns for Season Six on Friday, Sept. 19. Plus Jason and Shawn review the sci-fi/horror flick Almost Human and the action movie American Muscle.

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