Thursday, August 7, 2014

Meet Adam Wingard's The Guest

I've been a fan of writer/director Adam Wingard's work since A Horrible Way to Die. Although I enjoyed his segments in the V/H/S films, I don't believe the man truly came into his own until he made the absolutely brilliant You're Next.

Wingard's home-invasion thriller showed he has a flair for more than horror. In fact, some elements of You're Next slid into the action genre, which the director embraces with his latest flick, The Guest.

Scheduled for release next month, The Guest is about a soldier who introduces himself to the family of a fallen comrade. Once he is welcomed into their home, a series of accidental deaths seem connected to his presence.

Yeah, OK. On the surface this sounds kinda like a horror movie. But, if you give this trailer a watch, you'll see what I mean:

Looks solid in my book, and something we look forward to checking out in The Basement during Season Six.

The Guest hits theatres Sept. 17.

Source: Picturehouse 

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