Saturday, August 9, 2014

Eli Roth's The Green Inferno pushed back into obscurity

I've been reading the news about The Green Inferno for months. This is one of those movies I really want to see on the big screen with a bunch of horror fans. I don't see this happening. 

The Fangoria feed has stated that this is being pushed indefinitely. Blame marketing costs whatever, But...... what this comes down to is bad news for us, the horror fans. I like Eli Roth, I want to see this movie, Eli called it a “spiritual” homage (if I misquoted, sorry!) to Cannibal Holocaust, one of the most reviled/loved/hated movies of all time.
I'm angry as hell, I personally think that the reason is the subject matter. It's rated as a hard R. Hell, go NC-17 on the DVD release. Cannibal movies don't fare well in the theaters.. its a niche thing. Give this movie a chance. There are quite a few of us out there that want this. Shelf the garbage you're calling horror and lets give real horror a try. Being a hater of remakes, I was at first thinking this was going to fall into that category, but the more I read and the trailers I watched changed my mind.

My final thoughts... Knock this crap off, release the damn movie. I can live without another big budget waste of time. I want something with balls. I want The Green Inferno.

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