Thursday, June 12, 2014

From The B-Kingdom: The "Apollo 18 sucked" review.

Can we please get past the whole “Found Footage” thing already?  


I’m over it, in a way that I can’t even begin to fully express, at least in any way I might be comfortable having my mother read.

So can we please just move past it, so we can once again experience the joys of movies that felt like they took effort to make, and weren’t just slapped together over a weekend?  Because this movie should have been good.

Apollo 18 had a lot of potential as a concept, but the problem with making it a found footage film is that nobody believes it for a second, and it is a lot harder to suspend disbelief when you’re going on a ride in a fully-produced film than it is to sit down and have somebody tell you - “This is what happened. For real!”

The actors were believable, which makes this movie’s awfulness that much harder to take.  Good concept, good actors, and some group of movie producing folks out there decides to throw the whole thing away by saving a few bucks and following the silver screen’s very own version of reality TV, the found footage film.

I’m done with them.

Apollo 18 gets an F-. For Ugly.

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