Friday, June 20, 2014

Suzanne Cappelletti versus Doctor Who: Dark Journey Episodes 1 and 2

I started off listening to this at work and humorously realized how high the volume was on my phone with the opening scream. Needless the say everyone's head in my cubicle area popped up like meerkats and asked what I was watching. They were surprised when I said a radio play.

I like the merging of these two characters, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who. They compliment each other well. I'm actually a little surprised that no one thought of this before. I was sucked into the story from the very beginning, possessed dogs and horses, Jack the Ripper what more could you want! 

Waiting impatiently for the next episodes. So well done, a lot of fun and I really can't say enough about the voice actors.
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  1. Thanks for the kudo's my dear!
    As for volume and curious glances from meerkat co-workers?....well, wait for the end of 4!...
    Cool Beans!

  2. And after 4, wait for the end of 5 !...

    Meerkats unite!!!!

  3. I heard about this on Troughton Is My Doctor and had a listen - great story - with a fast pace and surprising light touches of humour for a Jack the Ripper story. Really enjoyed the actress who plays Cassandra in Episode 3 -

  4. yeah, I agree.....good stuff. It's Who but it's different. Touches of Torchwood? Great cast. Loved Holmes. Perfect voice..
    the plot is intriguing and full of twists and the sound design is fantastic.
    Listen to it loud!!!!
    and......great theme! Floyd meets Who!

  5. Dark Journey is one of the best fan audios out there – a mix of new who and classic who with an American edge that is slightly darker and less silly than the last televised series. It’s on itunes as well –

  6. I loved this as well - is it going to be released on CD?

  7. It's an online thing and it's totally free - just google Doctor Who Dark Journey and the site comes up

  8. OMG - it has my favourite Canadian indi-actress in it - wish there were pictures to go along with her spooky performance LOL !

  9. Dark Journey is way better than the series 8 first episode - move over Moffat this series is amazing.

  10. I need more Doctor Who Dark Journey - is there more episodes ?


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