Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Retro Review: The John Carpenter Edition

Alright Basementites, it's time once again to cast your ballot and decide what next Monday's retro review will be. And you're three choices come from the film library of one of the best genre filmmakers cinema has ever know.

That's right, this is the John Carpenter Edition.

Your choices are The Fog (1980) starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Atkins, The Thing (1982) with Kurt Russell and Wilford Brimley, and Prince of Darkness (1987) featuring Donald Pleasence and Jameson Parker. Yeah, the guy from Simon and Simon.

How this works is shit simple: I've pinned a post at the top of our Facebook group page. You simply follow this link right here and vote. The poll is open until Friday morning, at which time the flick with the most votes gets reviewed.

So go here and vote. It's up to YOU to decide the Monday Retro Review. Stick with us!

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