Monday, June 2, 2014

Interview: Blood Widow's Kelly Kilgore

We've already seen the groovy little slasher flick Blood Widow, and Basementites can hear our thoughts by pushing play on the handy dandy podcast player to your right.

One of the best performers in the flick, other than Blood Widow herself, is actress Kelly Kilgore, and The Basement scored a chance to interview her via email. Now we share that conversation with you just in time for the movie's home release.

Jason: Kelly, tell us a bit about your character in Blood Widow. Who is Harmony and how does she fit into the story?

Kelly: Harmony is a free spirit. She’s Laurie’s oldest friend and joins the gang when Laurie’s boyfriend Hugh throws a housewarming party. She also has a huge crush on Kenneth, one of Hugh’s friends. In terms of storytelling, Harmony brings some innocence to the group dynamic.

Jason: What kind of research did you have to do to play Harmony?
Kelly: Harmony has a major scene in which she is in a slightly altered state … I did a lot of research (on YouTube!) to try and get it right.
Jason: Not to give too much away, but Harmony has a run in with Blood Widow. Was Blood Widow as creepy and intimidating a creation on set as she ends up in the movie?
Kelly: Yes! I think the creepiest part is that you can’t see the eyes behind the mask, so you don’t know what the Blood Widow is thinking -- or what move she will make next. You get distracted by that doll-like exterior and don't immediately realize what a broken soul is lurking underneath. Ian and Chad really did a great job expanding on Jeremy's character concept, and Gabbie (who is an amazing, sweet girl in real life) was super scary.
Jason: This is a pretty straight up slasher movie. Are you a fan of this type of film? Do you like horror movies?
Kelly: To tell you the truth, I’m terrified of horror movies! I freaked out while watching Blood Widow even though I knew what happened. I think that may be one reason I chose to play Harmony as such an innocent. I wanted her to be a light in the darkness. You rarely find that in slashers.
Jason: What got you into acting? Is this something you’ve always wanted to do?
Kelly: After a stunning debut in my 5th grade Christmas play... I went on to get my undergrad and graduate degrees in acting. I’ve done a lot of theatre in my life, and I just recently started getting opportunities in film and Web, as well. I love acting because it allows me to have so many complex and interesting experiences through the lives of my characters. I’m extremely fortunate that it is my career.
Jason: I noticed this is your first feature film credit. How did you enjoy acting in a movie and what other projects have you got lined up?
Kelly: I had a great experience on Blood Widow. The cast and crew were awesome, and working with Jeremy was fantastic. As a director he was more than open to letting me explore, play, and find my character. I have a deep love of theatre, but this experience really helped me fall in love with film, as well. I’ve got a couple of other projects airing this summer: The Aegeans airs June 16 (of Ulysses fame), and the pilot for Spaceship Florida will be online in mid-July. Meanwhile, I’ll be in Massachusetts playing Lady Percy and Doll Tearsheet in Henry IV, Parts I & II for Shakespeare & Company.

Blood Widow hits DVD, VOD and Blu-ray tomorrow. You can learn more about Kelly via her official website.
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