Wednesday, June 11, 2014

From The Corner: Valentine

Mike S, back again with another installment of "From the Corner".  This time, I visit, "Valentine" (2001)

Valentine's day is a day of love- at least for one person.  For a group of friends, it's a day of revenge and death...

Even though I do enjoy David Boreanaz in the TV shows "Angel" and "Bones", he wasn't quite able to save this film from being horrible.  Nor could Denise Richard's hotness, since she was a big draw name at the time.  The rest of the actors are passable -- but what good is passable acting when the characters lack any redeeming value that would make you at least care when they die?

I will give this movie credit for doing a decent job of filming the kill scenes... but they lacked the scares needed when you consider the nasty personalities of those getting offed.  Despite the effort put into those scenes, they do come off as if the killer was following the steps outlined in a manual.

So, lack of scares and likable characters; formulaic kills; and passable acting unfortunately puts "Valentine" within The Ugly, and doesn't win this piece a place in my heart.

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