Monday, June 23, 2014

Evil Dead 2 producer helms Easter horror tale Wrath

Here's a cool bit of horror news delivered to The Basement by way of Bloody Bombshell Entertainment and Fatality Films: Scott Spiegel, he who produced Evil Dead 2 and Hostel, has a new flick headed our way that promises to cast Easter in a whole new light.

Well, actually, it's Swedish Easter he's casting in a whole new light, not our Easter. Which means I've learned something new today. I always figured Easter was Easter. But it's not.

Wrath takes place in 1986, when brothers Reid and Colton Bergstrom come face to face with the town’s very own, very real, ghost story. As night falls on Swedish Easter, they must run for their lives and survive the night against the deadly Easter Witch. 

I love it when seemingly friendly holidays go bad. I really do.

Wrath just brought X-Men: The Last Stand's casting director Richard Pagano on board, with the cast expected to come together in August. The flick, which Spiegel directs, shoots in Minnesota this November. No word yet on a release date.

There's some potential here for sure, and us Basementites look forward to hearing more about Wrath as the filming date nears.
Source: Bloody Bombshell Entertainment

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