Monday, June 2, 2014

Back in The Basement once more

The era of transition continues, Basementites, as Shawn and I have opted to part ways with The From Dusk Till Con Network. The separation was amicable, and we wish them well.

Our show, and this site, will continue as its own entity, producing new content for you at least five days a week, an article or more a day. We've built up a good base of contributors, and the cooliosis is spreading.

Podcasts continue to come your way every second week and launch on Friday mornings. The next cast hits this Friday, and includes reviews of the latest from Christopher R. Mihm -- The Late Night Double Feature -- and Lone, a collaboration between Arlington Road director Mark Pellington and musician Chelsea Wolfe. Plus we've got an interview with Mark. It's good stuff, trust us!

The Basement will likely be taking a few weeks off starting some time in July for a summer break. Just FYI. But we've got a whole lot of awesome planned for when we get back.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us day after day, week after week, year after year. You are all awesome. We are, as our friend Lance Henriksen says, Tribe.

Stick with us!
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