Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You Are Not Alone dumps found footage for POV horror

I was wondering when someone would take the best element of the found-footage genre -- the first-person aspect -- and do something new with it. Then along comes director Derk Mungor with his new thriller You Are Not Alone to show audiences how's it's done.

Instead of experiencing the horror through some untrained douche bag with a camera, You Are Not Alone puts audiences in the POV of the flick's main character, Natalie. What she sees, we see. What terror she experiences, the audience experiences.

Wanna see how it works? Check out this trailer:

That looks pretty damn cool! Found footage has the right idea, in that the first-person perspective can, when used properly, elevate the material -- especially suspense and horror. I sincerely hope the rest of the movie works as well as this preview, because I am primed to give this a watch.

Written by Mungor and Chris O'Brien, You Are Not Alone stars Krista Dzialoszynski, David O'Brien, Keenan Camp, and Nikki Pierce. No word yet on a domestic release date, but stick with us!

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