Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wanna know more about From Dusk Till Con Radio?

Sure yah do. Why? Because we, along with the After Movie Diner, Drunk on VHS, Traumatic Cinematic and a slew of cool as fuck podcasters/film geeks are taking this mofo by storm starting tomorrow.

To refresh your memory banks, From Dusk Till Con Radio is a 24/7 Internet experiment aligned with the Days of Dead horror convention. The brain children behind Days decided to take to the broadband airwaves with a slew of multimedia programming that includes music, reviews, interviews and talk radio -- all genre related.

Lewis Cougill of Traumatic Cinematic, Bill Cesavice and Days of the Dead promoter Adolfo crafted a tour of From Dusk Till Con. They explain it all, and who we all are, better than I can.

That's right, there will be nights dedicated to classic horror movies and indie film, live riffing programs; all streaming on the Interwebs for your eye and ear holes.

Shawn and I are pumped to be a part of this venture, and promise you 60 minutes of the awesomeness you've come to know and love from The Basement every two weeks. You'll hear us Sundays at 6 p.m. pacific (9 p.m. eastern), with the podcast dropping soon after.

Drunk on VHS, After Movie Diner and Traumatic Cinematic air Wednesdays, with Drunk at 6 p.m. pacific (9 p.m. eastern), Traumatic at 7 p.m. pacific (10 p.m. eastern) and The Diner at 9 p.m. pacific (midnight easter).

All roads lead to tomorrow. Stick with us!

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