Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Expendables 3 gets a bad ass new teaser trailer

First we showed you some bad ass character posters for The Expendables 3. Now we've got a bad ass new teaser trailer that promises one last, action-packed ride for some of my generation's favourite movie heroes.

That's right, The Expendables 3 is gonna be the last in the series, and it looks like it'll be a good one. But why take my word for it? Watch, and judge not lest ye be judged yourself.

Sorry. Metallica flashback. Here's the trailer:

Yeah, the trailer is mostly an impressive list of action-hero names, but I still dig what I see. Tough guys blowing shit up? Sold! And there's a tough chick blowing shit up too? Sold, again!

Some people didn't like the second flick, which I thought was a blast. If this is more of the same, then that's fine. Bring on Aug. 15.

Source: Ain't It cool News
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